2G Dimmer

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A 2G dimmer switch finished in black anodized metal and comes with a choice of solid metal detail kits. The detail kit includes a dimmer knob and coin screws, available in black, brass or steel.

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United Kingdom


W. 88 H. 88mm


• white
• white/brass
• steel
• steel/brass
• brass
• smoked bronze
• smoked bronze/brass
• black
• black/brass


•Double dimmer
•10 AX
•230-240V ~50Hz per gang

Dimmer module included

Halogen / Incandescent: 60-250w. LED / CFL: 5-120w

Dimmer module options available for purchase:

• Low voltage module (1-10V)
• Dummy module (on / off switch)
• Intermediate dummy module (on / off switch)

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