Hardy Bar Stool

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An elegant tall bar stool with back, the Hardy Bar Stool is a classic in the making.

Old Furniture, a poem by Dorset born Thomas Hardy, is an ode to beauty of furniture being handed down the generations, and David Irwin’s Hardy Barstool is a classic in the making.

Two chair typologies from the 19th century, Thomas Hardy’s birth century, inspired its design: firstly the Captain’s chair originally a low-backed wooden armchair and secondly, the Smokers bow, a low back Windsor, often used in smoking rooms, public houses, barbers shops and cottages.

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Designed by

David Irwin for Another Country

Materials & Finishes

Solid Certified Ash / Ash


Width: 493mm / 19 7/16″ Height: 894mm / 984mm (35 3/16 , 38 3/4″) Depth: 469mm / 18 7/16″ Seat height: 650 / 740mm (25 9/16″ , 29 1/2″)

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