Carpetry Sideboard

Product Description

The Carpetry Sideboard gives the impression of a floating carpet covering its surface, which wraps around the curved corners of the piece. The Heritage Boy Carpetry collection draws inspiration from Persian Nain Rugs, but uses a modern colour palette to introduce a contemporary feel to the design. The Persian rug has long been an integral part of the British home, so on closer inspection of the Carpetry design you will find witty references to Britishness such as the Crown Jewels hidden within the pattern. The carpets are 100% wool and are manufactured on traditional Wilton looms, a technique that dates back to the early 17th Century and one which only a few factories in Britain continue to use.

Additional Information


Lee Broom


United Kingdom


Width 205cm, Depth 49cm, Height 65cm.


100% Wool with Wood Top in Lacquer


Blue Lacquer, White Lacquer