Bump is a collection of cabinets in galvanized steel and marble. The name comes from the ‘Bump’ on each door where you push to open the doors.

“Marble is an incredibly rich material and every time you extract a block from the mountain you have the surprise to discover an incredible design. Even each slice is different. We wanted to replicate this unpredictability and richness with an industrial material and process. Galvanization produces this kind of rich shades and elaborate design”. The shape remains simple and Bump is all about the materials. The structure and interior of Bump is entirely made of wood and metal is only applied as a décor to this conceptual but nonetheless re ned piece.

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La Chance


Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus




W 90.2 x H 61.5 x D 45 cm / W 90.2 x H 91.5 x D 45 cm/ W 180.6 x H 61.5 x D 45cm


white / black marble, black mdf