About Us

  1. perfect or typical as a specimen of something
  2. being an original model or pattern or a prototype
  3. psychoanal of or relating to Jungian archetypes
  4. constantly recurring as a symbol or motif in literature, painting, etc
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ARCHETYPAL SHOWROOM is committed to creating a one-stop platform for design-led products from all over the world, and to provide services that match the quality of our products for the Asian market.


ARCHETYPAL believes in the values of design integrity and celebrates the design process. Focusing on contemporary lighting, furniture and home accessories; we import only original designs and the most exciting brands. We also support new, up-and-coming talent here and overseas in order to nurture the budding talents of our design community worldwide.

Our carefully curated collection showcases innovations in material usage, craftsmanship and manufacturing processes, demonstrating how their beauty can merge seamlessly into our daily life.

*Archetypal Limited is a subsidiary of Zodiac Lighting Limited which was incorporated in Hong Kong on 1st October, 1988. Credit to over 25 years of experience and growth, Zodiac has developed into one of the leading lighting experts in Hong Kong.


Redefine ‘Design’ and provide an alternative collection to the current

Market Provide an unrivalled service in the industry

Support up-and-coming creative individuals and design community on a global scale