Founders of Gabriel Scott​

Q: Who are Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler? Can you tell us about your background?

Gabriel: I studied industrial design and then architecture in Montreal and went on to work in high-end residential architecture. Scott and I are brothers-in-law – he is married to my older sister. 

We set up Gabriel Scott in 2012 and I’m based at our studio in Montreal which is home to our design and manufacturing processes. Scott’s a master in product development and also has a background in jewelry design. My expertise is in brand exposure and marketing. What we do is very collaborative.

Scott: I married Gabriel’s sister and together we started the fashion and jewelry brand Jennifer Scott. But having studied architecture, I wanted to return to that and began designing custom pieces of furniture for clients. Joining forces with Gabriel was very organic – we were both drawn to the same industry and share the same aesthetic and interests. I’m now based in London where we recently opened our European flagship showroom in Mayfair (in September 2019).

問: 誰是Gabriel Kakon和Scott Richler? 你能告訴我們有關你們的背景嗎?

Gabriel: 我在Montreal(位於加拿大的城市)學習了工業設計和建築學,之後從事高端住宅建築工作。而Scott是我的姐夫 – 他和我姐姐結婚了。

我們在2012年成立了Gabriel Scott,工作室位於Montreal(位於加拿大的城市),這裡是我們設計和製造流程的地方。我們過去現在所做的事都能為我們帶來完美的協作,Scott是產品開發的專家,同時有著珠寶設計的背景。而我的專長是品牌曝光和市場營銷。

Scott: 我娶了Gabriel的姐姐,之後我們一起創立了時尚珠寶品牌Jennifer Scott。從建築學畢業後,我想回到家具設計領域,為客戶定製和設計家具。


Q: How was the idea of your brand Gabriel Scott born? Tell us about this alliance.

Gabriel:  Scott and I had both been working in residential architecture and would often choose to design furniture pieces to best fit certain projects. This soon became a full-time project that led to the start of Gabriel Scott. An early commission for a custom fixture followed and quickly inspired a full collection of various lighting items that range from pendants, to wall sconces and desk lamps.

Scott:  Having been exposed to similar references in aesthetics and design, along with our common architectural background, we had a distinct compatibility from the get-go. We launched a collection at ICFF in New York which was risky, but fortunately people loved the pieces and the price points. More shows led to further growth and we opened our New York showroom in 2014 in downtown Manhattan.

問: Gabriel Scott這個品牌的想法是如何誕生的?

Gabriel: Scott和我都曾在住宅建築領域工作,經常會為不同項目選擇最合適的家具。就這樣我們開始了Gabriel Scott,成為了我們的全職事業。由早期定制燈具的委託工作隨後更迅速激發起我們設計一系列不同的燈具,從吊墜到壁燈和檯燈。

Scott: 我們的美學和設計方面都有著類似的參考文獻和我們帶著共同的建築背景。我們相遇之後,就在紐約ICFF推出了帶有冒險的系列,幸運的是人們都喜歡這些作品。之後就有著更多不同的展覽的機會,帶來了進一步的發展,而我們於2014年在曼哈頓下城就開設了我們的紐約展廳。

Q: How would you describe your furniture and lighting style?

Scott:  Our inspiration comes from geometry, nature and chemistry. I explore things from a material perspective or geometry. I’m interested in what more we can do with glass and how it can be combined with metal. Right now, it’s about very simple fixtures and stripping it back. Paying attention to good design and high craftsmanship. My interest in jewellery brings out the delicate side to our work.

問: 你覺得Gabriel Scott的家具和照明的風格是怎麼樣的?

Scott: 我們的靈感來自「幾何」,「自然」和「化學」。 我會從不同角度探索事物,如材料或幾何等等。 我對玻璃的「可造性」及如何與金屬有著不同的結合而抱著重大的興趣。

我們注重設計和高深的工藝。 同時我對珠寶的興趣,使我們的工作變得微妙。

Q: Gabriel Scott has collaborated with renowned brands like Cartier and Bar Basso. Can you tell us about your experience?

Scott: To celebrate Bar Basso’s 51st birthday in Milan, we created a tailored-made light installation with our Welles Glass Long Chandelier.  Working closely with bar owner Maurizio Stocchetto, we decided to reference the famous Italian Negroni cocktail, using Campari-coloured glass for a glass fixture which sits in the window of the Bar. 

The installation hangs as an almost revolutionary act, as it is the first time, since 1967, that new elements have been added to the bar’s interior.

問: Gabriel Scott與Cartier和Bar Basso等知名品牌合作。 能告訴我們一些相關的經歷嗎?

Scott: 為慶祝Bar Basso在米蘭成立51週年,我們用Welles Glass Long Chandelier製作了定制的照明裝置。

我們與酒吧老闆Maurizio Stocchetto有著緊密的合作,並參考來自意大利的著名雞尾酒 – Negroni cocktail,使用Campari-coloured glass作為酒吧窗口中的玻璃固定物。自1967年以來的首次革命性的動作,亦都是自1967年以來第一次將新元素添加到酒吧當中。

Q: Do you have any upcoming projects/projects we can keep an eye out for?

Scott: Our expansion into the UK and Europe allows us to further cement our relationships with existing clients on this side of the world and allow for closer collaboration within the design community here. From London we can access a lot of the main design and specification companies and it also provides great links to the market in the Middle East and elsewhere in Europe. 

Gabriel: As we grow our business, we have been working tirelessly to ensure a seamless client experience.

From access to showroom presentations, to complete sample kits, as well as customized drawings, complete with a timely delivery on all orders – we have been focused on providing an impeccable experience from start to finish, and will continue to do so. 

問: 有任何即將到來的項目/我們可以關注的項目可以分享嗎?

Scott: 我們將擴展至英國和歐洲,使我們進一步鞏固與世界各地的客戶之關係,並在整個設計界中進行更緊密的合作。 從倫敦我們可以看到許多不同設計與規模的公司之外,這個領域還提供著連接中東和歐洲其他地區市場的通路。

Gabriel: 隨著我們不斷地發展,我們一直著重於「客戶體驗」,並持續專注提供無可挑剔的體驗。

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