Karst Notebook

Paper is 100% Tree-Free

Redefining Paper For
The 21st Century.

Designed in Sydney, Karst Stone Paper aims to disrupt the paper industry. The need for paper isn’t going away any time soon, but the need for a sustainable paper option is nearing a tipping point. Karst Stone Paper is a superior alternative to traditional pulp paper that uses no trees, water, wastes, acids, or bleaches to produce, delivering the whitest and smoothest paper available.

Karst’s founders, Jon Tse and Kevin Garcia, first came across the idea of stone paperback in 2016, on a vacation to Taiwan. A Taiwanese factory had originally set out to create paper made out of stone for food packaging because the material had all the functionality of regular wood pulp paper, but it also happened to be waterproof.

Three years ago, the stone paper was completely new—and the factory was using it largely for industrial products. There were certainly no consumer paper products made from stone. It dawned on Tse and Garcia that stone paper could serve as an alternative to traditional wood pulp paper. “It quickly dawned on us that we should be the ones who could trail blaze,” Tse says.