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Stupa is an atmospheric cast resin pendant light designed by Freshwest for innermost, available in two sizes and two colourways – white and yellow. The individual pieces that make up the lamp are joined and hand finished individually on a lathe, then polished. The sharply defined ridges around the design allow different amounts of light through and add to the visual impact of the piece. The combination of mass production process with a high value hand finishing makes for a wonderful and interesting effect. The result is a lamp that permeates with an ambient glowing warmth whilst still providing a practical light level. Designed by Freshwest, the form was inspired by temple architecture in Asia, particularly the stupas of Myanmar. Originally launched in yellow the white was added to compliment the range and contrasts very well providing a 2nd completely different feel for this unique design.

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United Kingdom




STUPA 18: 25cm H x 18cm diameter; STUPA 56: 48cm H x 56cm diameter


White, Yellow

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