Dawn to Dusk


The Dawn to dusk range evokes the memory of the sun from dawn to dusk and the intense transition from deep, rich reds through to the white light of the midday.

Available as a desktop and floor standing lamp, a diffused circular light source can be manually slid up and down to create rich, warm atmospheric colour hues, or as a useful 2700k task light that can be faced into a room or cast up a wall surface.

Dawn to Dusk provides an iconic design statement through its minimal aesthetic, and an opportunity to bring a mood changing flood of colour into your space helping to recreate that magical moment of connection with the rising or setting sun that has fascinated humans for aeons.

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United Kingdom


Table Lamp: W 210 x H 740 x D 125mm; Floor Lamp: W 210 x H 1820 x D 160mm


Puck head: Aluminium, White polycarbonate; Stand: Aluminium with cast iron

Technical Info:

Lumen output: 1000 – 4000 K, 0 – 2000 Lumen, 90 CRI, (≈ 150W ), Dimmable Integrated LED, Operating voltage: 24 V DC, Power requirements: 220 – 240 Vac 12W


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