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Sculptural appliques that are the result of the perfect balance between the metal structure, an iconic, light setting, and the colored, precious “gems” inserted inside it, in a direct reference and tribute to the painstaking work of the goldsmith.

The Gioielli are composed of different combinations of “precious stones”: a disk in brass, cast with the lost wax technique, with a “raw” material surface obtained through meticulous handwork done directly on the model; an emerald green “gem” in blown Murano glass with a particular “battuto” finish; the spherical crystal lens enclosed in a cylinder of shaped brass, a “partridge eye” that immediately catches the gaze of the observer.

Murano glass, brass, enameled glass, a spherical lens… each material contains a direct or indirect light source, independent of the others: it is the luminous beam generated by the applique in the surrounding space that creates the harmony and unites the various parts of the composition.

A perfect combination of geometric and expressive forms, technology and decoration.

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Murano glass, lost wax cast brass, turned brass and acrylic lens


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Proprietary 350mA LED (included)

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