Product Description

Climb is an ingenious shelving system made of beveled wooden boards supported by metal wires.

The design plays with the sensation of tension of the wires that grasps the wooden shelves and becomes the structure. Climb is a system available in different dimensions, both for the home and the office.

Climb comes in walnut or beech that can be combined with black, chrome, or colorful metal wires for either a sober and luxurious feel or a playful statement.

Additional Information


La Chance


Bashko Trybek


H 155 cm, L 120 cm, D 22 cm / H 180 cm, L 135 cm, D 27 cm


Wood (Birch/Walnut) & Steel


Polished birch boards, yellow, blue, black and red threads (only for W 120cm)/ Polished walnut boards, black threads