First launched in 1932, Anglepoise® was the result of a collaboration between Bristish automotive engineer, George Carwardine and spring specialists, Herbert Terry & Sons.

In 1931, automotive engineer, Carwardine develops a theoretical concept for balancing weights using springs, cranks and levers. Using special springs with a ‘constant tension’ quality developed by Terry’s, Carwardine had chanced upon the means to create an articulated task lamp that could combine ultimate flexibility with perfect balance. A patent is filed and, in 1933 the first four spring Anglepoise® lamp, is launched.

Today, Terry’s archetypal Anglepoise® brand has been developed by the Terry family- more recently in collaboration with preeminent Bristish product designer, Sir Kenneth Grange- to create an incomparable series of instantly recognizable lamps that are able to deliver the intensity light required by professionals. All the new designs remain true to Carwindine’s original design concept, whilst embracing essential modern features, including the introduction of LED options and use of energy efficient bulbs.