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  • November 2, 2020

Introduction | Bloom Custom Configurations

Tailored For Your Project

With over 12 years of experience working with a global client base of prestigious interior designers, Haberdashery‘s in-house design team are proud to collaborate with the clients, tailoring the form and finish of their installations, and even creating unique, site-specific solutions for the most challenging of locations.

The requirement for customizable solutions is embedded at the very start of Haberdashery’s creative process, resulting in a range of narrative-led designs that integrate the clients’ physical and aesthetic ambitions seamlessly.

Bloom Custom Configurations

Originally only available in 5 set compositions, it is now possible to commission our design team to create custom Bloom composition sizes and formations to suit every project; be it a large installation in a grand scale space or a smaller feature piece in a more intimate residential location.

Archetypal and Haberdashery’s team is on hand to advise the best fixing solution for your project. Discrete flush individual ceiling roses have been developed to enable large flowing dispersed installations or ceiling plates can be customized for more contained pieces.

The stylized Bloom buds are lit from within creating a soft glow through the translucent porcelain petals. When creating custom designs, a combination of open and closed buds can be incorporated to create a naturalistic appearance provoking the image of buds unfurling at the start of the season and focusing the light intelligently in the space.

The results can transform interiors, creating unique sculptural lighting installations with intrinsic links to their physical environments.

We are available to discuss your project and collaborate with you to create truly stunning outcomes on your projects.

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