Rakumba x Adam Goodrum

A combination of mischievous nostalgia and avant-garde sculpture, Hangman is the first collaboration between Rakumba and esteemed Australian designer, Adam Goodrum.

Inspired by the universally recognised analogue game of ‘Hangman’, this collection of floor, table and pendant luminaires embodies playful design and simple, yet magically executed geometry.

Hangman: Distilled nostalgia from daring geometries.

“I’ve always loved art and mathematics, and I lean heavily on these in my process, with design evolving from the combination of both. ”  Adam Goodrum

“I wanted to distil the feeling of putting a pencil to a page, where the possibilities are endless. The range is about versatility, about your own imagination, to be used like a 3D drawing.”  Adam Goodrum

Comprising multiple articulated segments that swivel with an irresistible haptic action, each Hangman light is capable of a surprisingly acrobatic and visually intriguing range of positions.

Pairing this directionality with the jewel-like polished glow of a high performance LED optic tip, Hangman delivers unexpected functionality, channelling light to key points within a space while contributing its own iconic personality.

“The graphic simplicity of Hangman hides complex engineering – an ambitious, paradoxical design problem resolved through technical nous and desire to innovate.”

Hangman channels light through a minimalist structure, while simultaneously allowing a high degree of functionality with numerous positions and light directions.”

“The lights echo the gestural form of the “Hangman” game with a stick figure-like personality. It has a typographic quality, which draws on the game’s word based mechanic and analogue interaction.”


With a nod to the enduring materiality of ageless works by Ray and Charles Eames and Marc Newson, Hangman is available in finishes of anodised black and raw polished aluminium designed to elegantly patina over time.

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