Mikiki, Hong Kong, 2023
Interior & Photo credit
Interior: napp studio | Image credit: @_wonghocheung
Hong Kong-based interior design firm Napp Studio recently incorporated the Exhaust Spot by Buster+Punch in their Nha Trang Canteen project located in Mikiki, Hong Kong.
In the area, the adjustable Exhaust Spot spotlight, constructed from graphite powder-coated metal with solid gunmetal detailing, is installed on the ceiling directly above the tables. The spotlight brings a raw industrial accent to the space while precisely illuminating the tables below.
As described on Napp Studio’s website, they aimed to channel casual curbside dining culture into the space through materiality and custom furniture choices. The metallic spotlighting meshes well with this design narrative, contrasting the lush greenery outside visible through full-height glazing.
The incorporation of Exhaust Spot reflects Napp Studio’s modernist vision for the project, perfectly complementing the tropical mid-century modern aesthetic with its strong industrial forms. Its considered application adds character and atmosphere to the dining experience.

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