Archetypal Showroom
Oscillation Exhibition
Interior & Photo credit
Gary & Archetypal
Archetypal is honoured to be hosting the 'Oscillation Exhibition' as a part of French May 2024.
The exhibition showcases the remarkable Monochrome Series by Elsa Jeandedieu, the renowned French artist based in Hong Kong.
Her artwork skillfully melds texture and movement to depict the inherent oscillation of nature.
This captivating portrayal, harmoniously integrated with Archetypal's meticulously curated furniture and lighting pieces, envelops the showroom in balanced tranquillity.
As an acclaimed artist who has commanded attention from high-profile clients and leading publications, Elsa's groundbreaking work illustrates the limitless boundaries of creativity.
Join us at the Archetypal Showroom, from 23rd May to 7th July 2024, to immerse yourself in this visual feast. Discover more about Elsa and her extraordinary Monochrome Series on our official website.