Tseung Kwan O
TP Residence
Interior & Photo credit
House of Forme
In modern design, a cleverly chosen and arranged piece of home hardware can transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary. House of Forme chose to use Corston’s product range in their TP Residence project, helping to realize the concept of their interior design aesthetic.
In this project, which is infused with the concept and essence of “Tulum”, simplicity and nature are the key elements. Corston's home hardware products play a significant role in this interior design, balancing nature and minimalistic beauty.
Upon entering the foyer, you are welcomed by a full-length mirror accompanied by a pair of wooden stools, and coat hooks. The Hyde Hook by Corston, offers both practicality and convenience, underscoring the essence of the space.
Walk a few steps and you will see a walnut cabinet fitted with Corston's Harper T-Bar Furniture Handle. The handle's delicate brass touch, enhanced by a patina that matures over time, infuses warmth into the overall complexion of the space. This careful integration of distinguished hardware, together with thoughtful interior design, creates an inviting ambiance that beautifully complements the home's desired narrative.
The modern kitchen features wood cabinetry with Corston's Milliner Furniture Knobs in a brass finish. These small round knobs are designed for cabinets, drawers and freestanding units, seamlessly complementing the contemporary minimalist style of the kitchen. The knobs' brass material and delicate shape add an exquisite decorative touch, harmonizing perfectly with the golden faucet to create a cohesive and tasteful ambiance.
Upon entering the master bedroom, you are greeted by a door. Adorned with Corston's "Harper Mortice Door Handle," in the Antique Brass finish, the meticulously crafted door handle radiates a distinct elegance. It delivers a luxuriously smooth and sturdy experience in the hand.
As one ventures further into the master bedroom, a sublime, hand-woven rattan wardrobe comes into view. The wardrobe door showcases Corston's Harper T-Bar Furniture Handle, which harmonizes seamlessly with the woven details of the wardrobe. The synergy between the hardware and interior design enhances the spatial narratives, culminating in the perfect fusion of contemporary and classic aesthetics.

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