The Gem is the latest member of the Giopato and Coombes collection. After launching it at last year’s Salone del Mobile, receiving a lot of positive reactions and fine-tuning the product, we can officially present the Gem to the world and to you.

GEM: A journey to the Moon and back

Dreaming with eyes wide open we continue our research into Supernatural Daydreams. For Milano Design Week 2019 we imagined a journey on a path that joins the surreal with the ordinary, where light is the common thread. Aiming for the moon, a dream, explorations and the wonder of collecting pieces to bring back to earth as treasures from a faraway place.

Gem is a magic branch attracts stardust gems

“We were strolling on the Moon, and all of a sudden a magic stick rolled towards us, bumping softly, in the low gravitational atmosphere. As it got closer and closer, several stardust gems were attracted to it. They crystallized in random combinations thanks to a lunar magnetism. I was dreaming about a journey to the Moon and back!”

There are several compositions from branches to clusters, to multiple stems.

All chandeliers composed with vertical stems can have a downlight added on request, to implement a focused light above the table.

The glass gems cling to a brass tube, via brass buds which contain a proprietary led source.

It’s also possible to customize compositions, adding more stems to the chandelier.

Extraordinary Production Process

It is made in hand blown glass, with “a lume” technique, which is another expertise within the Veneto region. Every single glass element is different and slightly irregular, emphasizing the hand-made nature. The surface can be clear or with a “corroded” finish, which recalls a white moon dust coating.

The transparent glass version contains a proprietary led source, where a small aluminum screen is fixed to the acrylic dome to diffuse the light emission towards the sides.

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