Many people focus on their own home, so they will pay more attention to the quality of “living”. They also will choose their favorite and comfortable furniture and lighting.

In fact, the Minimalist Style of home design is suitable for the environment in Hong Kong. The reason is that the space of general housing in Hong Kong is relatively small and the price is relatively expensive.

Therefore, the Minimalist Style becomes their hot choice when the new owner and designer planning to design their new house. The focus of the Minimalist Style is “Less is more”, so everything will not too much, and the most important thing is to be appropriate.

#1 Using natural light

If you have seen the Minimalist Style home design, you will be aware that their house is comfortable and warm. One of the main reasons is that they have enough luminosity and would not let anything block the sun from entering the home. Ample light not only enhances the overall style of the home but also allows the light and air to make you healthier!

#2 Bright elements dominated

The second major focus of the Minimalist Style is using the bright color in the different furniture. Most of the homes of Minimalist Style that matching the sunshine and make the whole house look clean and refreshing.

#3 Wood element

If the color of your home furniture is monotonous, maybe you can consider adding wood elements in your home space. For instance, the wooden floor can be used as coordination so that the home will not be too white and become dull. The wood also occupies a very important position in the Minimalist Style. 

# 4 Adding natural elements

In addition to the wood as one of the elements, the Minimalist Style also can add natural objects such as stone, glass, and iron, but the point is that they will keep the original texture of these objects as much as possible without excessive damage.

I believe that everyone starts to repositioned and valued the design, and gradually wants to make life come back to a simple way, and start to pay more attention to a certain spiritual level in design. It is not just a kind of packaging, but an aesthetic of life. The Minimalist Style, in addition to being a form and style of design, it is a manifestation of a life claim. If you want to know more about Minimalist Style furniture, please check with us.

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