We are glad to introduce you, Giopato & Coombes‘s latest dream, which this time brings them on a journey to the moon and back: the Moonstone lighting collection. Moonstone is a collection of pendant lamps inspired by organic rock sculptures: horseshoe-shaped, oval-looking, elongated or facet dome, reaching up to 140 cm in diameter.

Moonstone“In the heart of the material”.

Design research always follows an unexpected path. In this case, it led us to listen and embrace the material itself. We worked directly on its physicality, patiently unveiling the shape outline in the heart of the material. We carved Moonstone out of strong, handmade fiberglass, infused with marble powder to create a composite stone like material protecting its surface, and of ‘battuto’ Murano glass or linen glazed diffusers, depending on its size.

Moonstone echoes lunar landscapes and evokes moonlight poetry to our daily life”.

The lamps emit a soft, down-streaming light flow, whilst their opaque, faceted silhouettes become sculptural when teased by rays of light. Their stems are composed of brushed brass rods enclosing white fabric cables.

As a voice of the daydream shaped into sculpted spaces, Moonstone echoes lunar landscapes and evokes moonlight poetry to our daily life, becoming primordial talismans bearing positive energy and ancient wisdom.


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