Hong Kong
Private Capital
Interior & Photo credit
Interior and photography: Studio X
Lighting plays a pivotal role in interior design. Studio X, an interior design firm based in Hong Kong, artfully incorporated lighting into their project, The Private Capital.
Studio X selected the Metropol Wall sconce by Rakumba. Central to the Metropol's design is its distinctive sculptural form and innovative use of light. The fine seams where each glass shape converges are utilized to wrap beautiful, soft illumination around the luminaire.
The strength of Metropol lies in its understated elegance. With intricacy and sophistication, it lends character without overwhelming the space, making it a versatile lighting collection. Its refined finishes allow full creative potential.
The incorporation of the Metropol Wall sconce adds a unique ambience to The Private Capital project. Its subtle glow and unique design imbue the space with tranquil charm while accentuating Studio X's design narrative. Through the Metropol Wall sconce, Studio X successfully blends lighting into the design, crafting a setting that is both contemporary and inviting.
Archetypal is pleased to supply original fixtures to talented studios like Studio X, enabling them to achieve their creative visions. The Metropol Wall sconce in this project is a testament to the possibilities of Rakumba's range.

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