Sai Ying Pun
City Veil Apartment
Interior & Photo credit
Archetypal Limited | Harold de Puymorin / HDP Photography Services

"Designing a small space requires a lot of understanding of your own needs and your lifestyle" by Desmond Wong
The original floor plan consisted of two bedrooms, a storage room and a balcony. The two bedrooms were knocked into one master bedroom and the storage room was merged with the living space to create a more open plan.
Added a wall to cover a window to create a more private space in the living area.
**Gioielli Wall Lamp By Giopato and Coombes
The owner drew a lot of references and inspiration from the wabi-sabi earthy ascetics and the clean lines of European arches. They soften the edge and bring a harmonious feeling to space.
The dining table sits 4 when it's closed, but when extended it can sit up to 8 people.
**Michelle Chair by SP01
A race decking platform was installed in a balcony to the same level as the interior flooring to create continuity to space.
After combining the two small bedrooms, we have a panoramic view of the bay window and more functional room drawers.
A marble desktop was installed below the bay window to create a more seamless design and a more utilized space.
**Bumper Small Ottoman and Tray by Blu Dot
**Metropol Wall Lamp by Rakumba
**Dawn To Dusk Table Lamp by Haberdashery
**Door Hardware by Buster + Punch
Antique bronze fittings were used in the bathroom to go in line with the rest of the apartment.
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