Today we would like to introduce you to a chandelier, PLEATED CRYSTAL PENDANT by Marc Wood Studio. And let you feel the magic of the light.

Why would they pick a chandelier?

Exactly, the shop of Tai Kwun Loveramics hopes to increase their atmosphere through the lighting. Therefore, they selected the chandelier of handmade in Bohemia and London. Finally, the chandelier integrate the light and space, stimulates inspiration of their customers.

One of the shops called Tai Kwun Loveramics, they placed PLEATED CRYSTAL PENDANT from Marc Wood Studio. The whole atmosphere has become more artistic.

What is Loveramics?

Loveramics is an internationally recognized ceramics brand

Loveramics is an internationally brand of ceramics. At Loveramics, they’re breaking the proverbial mold on pottery. Shattering stereotypes on classical and formal approaches, through stylish contemporary designs where their passion is evident in every piece.

It’s all suitable that placing the chandelier at home, or in the restaurant. Because it bring a more creative artistic vision to space and blend with space. In our previous articles (Frequently asked questions about buying a chandelier), the chandelier can make your room become more unique and emphasize your own personal taste style.

Art + Lighting?

The lighting integrates the light and space, it can stimulate your inspiration. But why should we choose the lights of the artistic? Because art is an activity in creating visual, expressing the imagination of the author, conceptual ideas.

As people increasingly focus on the “art” and “modern” element of the chandelier, they also hope to have more different choices in the market. Therefore, Archetypal are offering artistic lighting products in a different country for customers. Because we know that the lighting will influence your work and perspective.

Why did they choose that brand?

The Brand of Marc Wood Studio has been creating handcrafted lighting collections and bespoke installations for spectacular interiors. As it’s more suitable for their business and style.

One of the shops called "Tai Kwun Loveramics", they placed PLEATED CRYSTAL PENDANT from Marc Wood Studio. The whole atmosphere has become more artistic.

Designed with light-play in mind, the highly prized fine lead crystal glass sparkles with color as it refracts the rays passing through, emitting a warm playful glow that looks different from every angle.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Project: Tai Kwun Loveramics, Hong Kong
Interior by: Loveramics, Hong Kong
Featured Product: Pleated Crystal Pendant by Marc Wood Studio

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