Hong Kong
The Legend Residence
Interior & Photo credit
Interior: Edge Design | Photography by Eugene Chan
The Linear Chandelier Thin by Tom Kirk diffuses a soft glow over the dining table, its slender silhouette floating gracefully above. A quiet dynamism to its fluid forms resonates with the verdant views outside, melding natural serenity with contemporary elegance.
In the Legend Residence project of Edge Design, the Linear Chandelier fittingly complements the overall design concept. As Edge Design's website describes, the project frames lush outdoor views through expansive windows.
Black metal window frames present nature as artwork within the interiors. The colour palette of wood, stone and muted greens evokes an outdoor aesthetic.
Combining two units, edge design cleverly planned 200 sqm of activity space, including an extended kitchen bar and customizable bedroom layouts.
Suspended above the dining area, the Tom Kirk pendant's minimalist lines synergize with the naturalistic interior design ethos, lending a harmonious, tranquil ambience that encapsulates edge design’s adept integration of natural elements.

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