Introduction | Milky Way Collection – Giopato & Coombes

Milky Way Collection

Fragments Of Infinity

Imagination is a universe. We are designers. For us, exploring the mind means being suspended in an immense space, moving between ideas that gravitate freely, in a whirlwind of directions. A dimension of pure energy, where inspiration takes shape only if time stops for a moment.

A moment, just like in space, where light meets matter. Their unity emerges in a unique balance, through a design of compositions, between emptiness, fullness, and geometric elements.
Harmony crystallizes in a fragment of time and space. It is infinity, in an instant.

Cristiana & Christopher

For the Milky Way collection, our research focuses on the balance between poetry and functionality. A dialogue between horizontal and vertical lines, linearity and fluidity.


We imagined the linear structure in aluminum, as a solid and light ingot. The light source is protected by cathedral glass, which creates the sensation of a lake of light, thanks to its slightly wavy detail.


We imagined the linear structure in aluminum, as a solid and light ingot. The light source is protected by cathedral glass, which creates the sensation of a lake of light, thanks to its slightly wavy detail.

A balance of shape and lines, as when a composition becomes an infinite horizon before our eyes.
Milky Way is a daydream where light creates a symphony of magical, timeless moments in the living spaces.

Introduction | Ramus Collection – Rakumba

A rare ability of this extending structure to link back upon itself evokes diverse narratives, from the botanical, to the astronomical and molecular.



Infinitely extensible in any dimension, the arms may be plugged in at nonplanar angles, building three-dimensional structures of great intricacy.

Introduction | Luna Kaleido Collection – Gabriel Scott

^The mouth-blown glass beads can be ‘strung’ together in any order to create a bespoke glowing piece of jewelry for your home.

^Like a kaleidoscope, the glass shapes have been designed to offer infinite interpretations of tone, shape, and refracted light.

Precious Natural Materials in a Luxury Setting

We are looking deeper into how world-renowned designers and brands are navigating natural materials in luxury settings. For this season we will be studying 3 key materials: Stone, Metal and Glass. In this presentation, you will see some of our latest collection showcasing how our designers created objects of desire highlighting the beautiful if its raw material.


▲Both MatterMade and La Chance are brands that excel in mixing materials to create unlikely juxtapositions and shapes. Available in endless combinations of stone material the collections are more versatile than one would expect. 

Star Collection – Coedition

After the successful launch of their Star Side Table. The range now includes a console, rectangular and circular coffee table.

Designed by Olivier Gagnère for Coedition. The top is in Carrara marble, the base in black-bronze or gold metal.

Discreet and functional, it acquires a touch of originality in the particular shape of the structure. Ideal for the living or the entrance, it can add value to a small of your house or office.

Gemstone Collection – Marc Wood Studio

▲ The new Gemstone Collection from Marc Wood Studio adds a touch of tribal chic and comes in 2 sizes. The contrast between the green marble and frosted glass is a great addition to the aesthetics of our current collection. 

Jeanette Coffee Tables by SP01 

Finally, the new Jeanette Coffee Tables by SP01 offers a range of new materials and finishes, and explores natural materials combined with intricate and sophisticated detailing.


Sé has stayed true to their usual ceramic material with their new collection designed by Ini Archibong. Combined with Sé’s signature metallic glaze Archibong’s dreamy design breathed new life into the collection. 

Assembly Dinning Chair – District Eight

 District Eight from Vietnam utilised their local craftsmanship and married seemingly non-compatible materials into something unexpected. 

ASSEMBLY TABLE – District Eight

▲ The Assembly range combined casted aluminium, glass, wood and leather to create industrial, but yet elegant pieces. 


▲ In addition to the Star Pedestal Table extensions Coedition has released the new modular Sister Table Range with tops come in a range of materials. 

Eos Table – Sé

 Eos Table is a cantilevered disc atop a ceramic or lacquered base: akin to the sun rising over a horizon. “I wanted the top and base to interact like concentric ovals, giving a feeling of perpetual motion,” says Archibong.

Tom Kirk has finally released some new items after 2 years and the Lightweight Chandelier adds a futuristic elegance to our collection.


One of our star product this season is the Gem by Giopato and Coombes. 

GEM Collection – Giopato and Coombes

With the successful launch of this range they have now expanded the collection to further configurations. Available in Corroded or Clear Glass, and various brass finishes.

PRECIOUS – Editions Milano

The Cabinet by Editions Milano is handcrafted in Italy and this is definitely a showcase piece for a luxury setting. Precious made in crystal and Cabinet and Screen in stained glass these unusual pieces are iconic in their own right.

Luna Collection – Gabriel Scott

A lighting system with infinite interpretations, the LUNA is a synergy of color, shape, and refracted light. Inspired by a lunar halo, the modular light fixture grows in every direction as its assembly system stems horizontally or vertically, stacking color upon color of various blownglass shapes.

Resident Project | Van Bone Restaurant

“I wanted to create a robust product that would work seamlessly in the home, hospitality, and office. I liked the idea of unexpected light and simple frame that could be offset by a technically challenging backrest, to add a sense of modern craftsmanship.”

Simon James, designer

The Kashmir collection is an exercise in the essential and speaks in low volume, it’s steel frame references a simplicity from the past which is offset by a tailored back-rest. These refined details envelop the sitter and provide generous comfort and support in all positions. Circular stitching details incorporated into the backrest give these pieces a strong sense of modern craftsmanship. This collection will perform equally as well in an office cafe or home.

Resident Project | The Hotel Britomart

The Hotel Britomarts